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Historical background

Velikoletchanski Children’s Home for orphans of the Great Patriotic war was founded in the village of Bolshie Letsy in 1946 in the former estate of the academician V. V. Pavlov.

In 1961 there were constructed 2 buildings, boiler house, canteen, office premises, and the children’s home was reorganized in a sanatorium boarding school for children with mild and damping tuberculosis forms.

On the 1st of August 1996 the children’s home for orphans from 3 to 18 years old for 150 people was reopened. Since that time thousands of unfortunate and sick children passed through the hands and hearts of the personnel of our educative institution.

At the moment there are 116 children in our children’s home. The main principle of the completion of our institution is preservation of the family (sibling) ties between children. That’s why many of our inmates are sisters and brothers from former large families, who were deprived of parent custody by the fate.

Principal objectives:

1.    creating conditions resembling those at home;

2.    giving children love and kindness;

3.    helping children feel themselves true citizens.

To achieve these objectives we have all the necessary:

1. dormitory building of an apartment type, where children live in their families (there are 8 families and 2 kindergarten groups). There are 2 educators (father and mother) in each family (group);

2. gym, assembly hall, playgrounds and sports grounds;

3. library, hobby groups, where children can pass their time after school lessons;

4. medical block with a physiotherapeutic room.

The children’s home inmates are regular participants and winners of the Republican festival of orphan children’s art “Rainbow roundelay”, the international festival “Generation XXI Century”, the Republican competition “Green vitamin”.

We pay special attention to the problems of professional orientation, settlement of our graduates, keep in touch with them. We always try to provide them timely assistance. Since 1997 to 2010 25 children returned to their biological families, more than 30 inmates were adopted by foreign families. For the rest of the children our institution remains their home. Many of them (approximately 100 children each year) visit Italy for recreation, go to health camps, during the holidays stay in the families of the children’s home’s employees.